Nom Nom, Juhu Versova Link Road

No No! Never again

A sushi craving is always worrying, because there are so few Japanese restaurants around. There’s only one in all of Andheri West, the newly opened Nom Nom. To satisfy our quest for Sushi we headed over, apprehensive, yet expectant. When no host or concierge greeted us at the entrance, we should have taken the hint and gotten back into the car. But we went in, oh so foolishly.

Let me first begin with the visual trauma. The place is really tiny, which would not be such a problem if it weren’t so under lit. To make things worse, there are flickering candles at every table, which gave me a headache. After I put out the candle, a bumbling waiter came with renewed fervor to resurrect it. I insisted it stay off which confused and offended him.

We placed an order for two plates of sushi: Futo Maki rolls and Salmon Nigiri, then waited drooling in anticipation. The Futo Maki rolls almost unraveled when picked up. Clumsy unrefined construction. The clumsiest (and cheapest) move by far was to serve us the uneven ends of the roll that should never make it to the table. Still foolishly optimistic we waited for our Nigiri rolls. We saw them emerge from the kitchen, and while we looked at them hopefully, a confused waiter walked around the dining area with our plate of Nigiri wondering which table had placed the order. We watched as the plate encircled the room three times. Then it went to the counter where five waiters and a manager stood over it speculating. Finally there was a eureka moment and we got out travel weary Salmon Nigiri; small clumps of under cooked rice with a painfully thin slither of Salmon. Looks like the place is really cutting corners to make a buck. I’ve never seen such a thin stingy slice of salmon on a piece of sushi!

By now, we were put off and pissed off. Our final dish arrived, the recommended Yaki Soba noodles. Another unsure waiter began serving us. Being the lady, he started with me, and began dumping heaps of noodles on my plate, a sumo wrestler’s portion. I had to yell to get him to stop. And when he did, he realized he had served me almost all the noodles and there were all of three left in the serving bowl. He looked at me in horror, and then, get this, ran into the kitchen never to emerge. We were left to sort out the mess.

We paid the bill and ran away just like the said waiter, most definitely to never return.

A complete rip off at Rs.800 to Rs.1000 per head.


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