Rajdhani: a Royal Rajwar Feast!

I must admit, I’m not familiar with food that comes from Rajasthan and the surrounding areas. I’ve traveled to Rajasthan just once and unfortunately had a dreadful experience food wise. I’m usually very open to new flavors, but I just couldn’t bring my palette to enjoy Rajasthani food. So you’d understand my apprehension when I was invited to Rajdhani, a chain that specializes in vegetarian Rajasthani thali. Despite me apprehension I traveled all the way to Kurla market city, a place I hadn’t visited before. So my exploration of Rajasthani cuisine, a trip to a mall and some good company in fellow food bloggers all made for a very good Saturday outing.

Rajdhani only serves vegetarian thali, simple and fuss free. No menus to chose from, no difficult decisions to be made. You receive a warm traditional Indian welcome when you arrive, with a chandan tika and arti. Then you’ll be treated to refreshing lemonade or rose sherbet. A large oval thali with several small bowls in placed before you and an opulent feast begins. Beginning with a few snacks and bites, then moving onto several varieties of bhajis and dals served with puris, phulkas, etc. Food just keeps  coming your way! This is followed by rice and comforting rich kichdi, all topped with ghee of course. You end your meal with a selection of traditional sweets cooked in pure ghee. Wash this all down with chaas (spiced buttermilk). Be warned that this is an exhausting endeavor, go on an empty stomach, after a good workout! The generous staff will gently urge you to keep eating, and you will be tempted to.

You can keep asking for refills and seconds and thirds, and food will graciously make its way to your plate. But it will all happen in absolute silence! The entire staff communicates using an elaborate sign language. This helps them to pass orders without ever making sound. An efficient way to avoid the chaotic yelling associated with a thali service.

I ate so many different dishes; it was like being in the whirlpool of food! However some dishes stood out; like the dahi kadi, dal bati, the khichdi and the malpua. The absolute cherry on the cake was the paan shot at the end, which cleansed the palette and put a perfect end to the meal.

Right now Rajdhani is hosting a Rajwar food festival. The food is even richer and more decadent that usual; you will be served food as it was eaten by the Royal families of Rajasthan and Gujarat. So go and have a Royal Feast! And even if you miss it, Rajdhani serves hot, freshly cooked meals all year round, with several seasonal specials.

Damages: Rs. 250-Rs.450 per head


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