The Irish sure can do b’fast

As a tradition, I treat myself to a full Irish breakfast every Saturday at the neighbourhood caff. It just so happened that on one fateful Saturday I actually was in Ireland, Dublin to be specific. I was spoilt for choice really; expectedly ever second cafe I passed claimed to serve the best breakfast in town. While I’m sure all their claims are legitimate, I think I may have chanced upon the winner of the title ‘Best Breakfast in Dublin – Hipster’s Choice’ – unless of course said hipster is vegan.


To start with, I was tickled pink at the idea of sitting to eat at a sewing machine! Ambitiously, I ordered the Big Breakfast, knowing full well that I’d be served enough food to feed a small village. In the calm before the storm, I sipped on some strong black coffee and had a chance to Dublin’s early morning rituals. Located on North Frederick Street, Lovinspoon is a short walk away from where the hen parties hang out, so you get a glimpse of the real city – children being dragged to football practice, men heading to the barber’s and a pair of old ladies out for their weekly shop.


Just as I began to loose myself in idle observation the waitress walked out with a plate that explained her robust biceps. Sausage, black pudding, white pudding, bacon, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato, a pancake, a fried egg and toast. My favourite bit, was actually the pancake; best darn pancake I’d had in a long time!


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