There’s no proper way to eat a pie!


Hello from London! I’ve eaten neither fish’n’chips or bangers’n’mash in my first few days at Britain. (gasp!) I’ve had me a good ol’ English pie though. After a rather uneventful walk on the London Bridge I was determined to eat something quintessentially British, and made my way to the Pie Minister stall at the very busy Borough Market. They have a whole bunch of exciting pie fillings – some traditional (like the ‘Moo’ – steak and craft ale) and some just a little bit experimental (like the ‘light as a feta’ – squash, tomato & feta cheese). I chose something called the ‘Kate & Sydney’ which had a beef steak, kidney and ale stuffing. I’ve never been a big fan of pies but one bite of this one and I was sold. Maybe it had something to do with being in Britain, or maybe it was that crisp flaky crust with steaming rich filling that enveloped me in a warm hug on that cold winter morning. Yup, it was the latter!


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