Fox nuts for president!

Pardon my ignorance, but I didn’t know about their existence till last week. While searching for healthy snacking options (which is one of my perpetual pursuits), I discovered a packet of Fox nuts from Conscious Foods. I had absolutely no idea what they were or how they were to be eaten. I’ll admit the only reason I bought them was because I like what they are called. Fox nuts sounded fun enough. 

I snipped open the packet and popped one into my mouth. To my horror they tasted like cardboard that had been forgotten in the corner of a damp room for an entire monsoon. I was about to dismiss them, when the usually clueless man in my life suggested we roast them. After about a minute in a hot pan, they completely changed texture and when from being cardboardy to crisp! They needed a little bit of spice & seasoning, and as luck would have it ‘Nani’s Secret’ – a dry masala mix made by Barnee was right by the stove. I sprinkled some onto the hot roasted nuts to create one of the most delicious snacks I have had in a long time. The nuts themselves are quite tasteless, but have a great crunchy texture. You can use pretty much any spice mix you like to flavour them – just some kala namak or rock salt, or garam masala maybe. I’m sure they’d be lovely even with an oil based tadka with curry leaves, chilli powder & turmeric.

I’m quite thrilled I discovered these! They are perfect to nibble on when watching a movie or as an accompaniment to evening chai. If any of you know other ways of cooking fox nuts (also called makhana or lotus seeds or gorgon nut), I’d love to know. 

Foxy foxy

Foxy foxy



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