Maltese Bread – Ħobż Malti


I wouldn’t be doing justice to Maltese cuisine if I didn’t dedicate a post to Maltese bread. This delicious sour dough bread has a very hard brittle crust that’s usually browned in parts. The brown bits have a smokey, slightly burnt flavour. The inside is light, airy and melts in your mouth. It’s usually served on the side with roast meats, soups and stews, so you can use it to soak up all the pan juices and gravy. Another way to enjoy this bread is to just top it with some conserva (tomato paste), olive oil, olives, onions, chopped herbs, tuna, ham and other typically Mediterranean condiments. However you choose to consume this delicious Maltese staple, you won’t be able to stop! Slices of bread will just disappear down your throat, in soft melting mouthfuls, till you stand on the weighing scale and find yourself several pounds heavier. As delicious as it is, be warned, (that like all good things in the world), this bread can really fatten you up! My friend Ingrid describes it as ‘the fault of the Maltese people’. I seriously don’t blame them.





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