Peppered Goat’s Cheese – a Gozo Specialty

Peppered Gozo cheese

Peppered Gozo cheese

The Maltese really love cheese, and use it in nearly every snack and dessert. They even make a goat’s cheese soup! So far I’ve sampled local cheesecakes, ricotta stuffed qassatat, cheese pastizzzi, cannoli, zeppoli and other cheesy delights. To be honest, I don’t have the appetite for so much cheese, I eat it more like an accompaniment or a garnish, unlike the Maltese for whom it is almost a staple like wheat, meat or vegetables.

Just yesterday I discovered a local specialty – Gozo cheese. As the name suggests this cheese was traditionally made by shepherds of Gozo, Malta’s neighboring Island, which is the quieter and less populated of the two. This local cheese is made with goat’s milk and compressed into round flattened nuggets. I bought a peppered variety. It’s salty, creamy, dense and delicious – the spicy crushed pepper perfectly complements it! What’s not to love?



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