L-Imqaret – The aroma that defines Malta

A typical L-Imqaret stall

A typical L-Imqaret stall

When travelling we tend to use our noses more than usual,  I certainly do. And we tend to associate smells with particular experiences, places and times in our life. For example, I associate Bangkok’s food-stall infested streets with the salty pungent smell of fish sauce. And Sri Lanka to me, smells like warm coconut oil.

Malta’s streets are perfumed with the sweet aroma of L-Imaqaret – deep fried biscuits which are stuffed with paste made with dates. Especially when it’s cold outside, these are the perfect warm snack to carry around. They are crisp on the outside and have a slightly chewy centre which is just subtly sweet. The wheat pastry which covers the date paste is flavoured with anise. And when the anise flavoured dough is fried in hot oil, it emits a smell that’s comforting and absolutely mouthwatering! I will always associate Malta with this sweet aroma.

Fresh from the fryer

Fresh from the fryer


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