I didn’t really plan it this way, but my trip to Malta coincided with one of the biggest festivals celebrated on the island. 99% of Malta is Roman Catholic, so most of the festivals here are in honour of Catholic Saints. March 19th is the Feast of St.Joseph or ‘Festa ta San Guzeppi’ in Maltese. The feast is celebrated in Rabat, because St.Joseph the father of Christ, fondly called Guzeppi or Zeppi, is the patron saint of that village.

On St.Joseph’s the locals prepare one particular sweet dish, called Zeppoli, displayed in the absolutely drool-worthy pictures above. The name of the sweet is derived for St.Joseph’s Maltese name, and these little lumps of heavenly goodness are made just once a year. Sweet fluffy ricotta cheese is covered with flaky pastry, which is then generously coated in a sugar glaze and topped with chopped nuts. The whole thing comes together in one delicious mouthful, with a variety of different textures – which all melt away far too quickly.

The fact that they aren’t available every time you crave them makes them even more appealing. Like a summer-fling you know you can have just once a year. Needless to say, I romanced Zeppoli, knowing very well our paths won’t cross any time soon. I’ve been left wanting more. Much more.


3 thoughts on “Zeppoli

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  2. You’re so lucky, to not only get to travel around to a place like Malta, which is sadly underrated, but also to go and experience the local culture at it’s finest! A yummy post indeed 🙂

    • Hey Dipti! Well I have been planning this trip for about a year. I knew Malta would lead me to some amazing experiences! Such a small little country but so much to offer.

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