Cooking with home-grown toms.

For about a year now, my father, (henceforth known as Hydrogads), has been experimenting with hydroponics; the fine science of energy-efficient soil-less farming, which produces residue-free vegetables and fruits. In it’s first season, his farm produced some of the most delicious spinach I have ever eaten; it actually didn’t wilt and become mush in exactly half a day like the stuff we are usually sold. Now in season two, we’re been treated to bright red, chubby, juicy tomatoes.

A couple of days ago I brought home a basket full of these cherubic fruits and have been looking for interesting ways to use them. Indian cuisine takes the humble tomato for granted, mercilessly chopping and grinding it to pulp before adding it to curries and masalas. But these fellows from the farm were too special to receive such heartless treatment. So I use them in recipes where the tomato is the hero, not a burnt-brown side kick – and I must say my appreciation for tomatoes has greatly increased.

Chopped up and ready for the pan

Chopped up and ready for the pan

Here’s yesterday’s lunch: Spirulina pasta (from the i2cook organic store) tossed in olive oil, sauteed garlic and tomatoes.

My healthy delicious lunch

My healthy delicious lunch


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