Not a bear’s breakfast

I’m an advocate of sensory pleasure, so it seems hypocritical when I speak of avoiding sugar, butter and refined flours; because let’s face it those ingredients come together to become some of the yummiest food there is. I’ve been on a mission – #minus5, trying to lose 5 kilograms of chubbiness that has slowly crept up on me over the last two years. I’ve been doing the tried and tested reduction of refined sugars, fatty oils and down-sizing portions to aid my effort. I don’t have a problem following these rules, I’m head-strong and stubborn as a mule.

The only time I crave a big greasy meal is in the morning. I usually work out in the evening, and eat a light dinner, which means I wake up like a bear who’s just out of hibernation; salivating, growling and in pursuit of meat. I love warm Indian breakfasts like dosas, poha and idlis, eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausages etc. What I can’t stand is cereal. Most days I ask my taste buds to take a hike and down that awful bowl of muesli. A few days ago I just couldn’t.

I decided to please my senses a bit and rummaged in the kitchen to find dahi, a few marie light biscuits, almonds, bananas and strawberries. There’s been so much talk of layered desserts, desserts in jars etc., I decided to give this layering business a try.

Breakfast in a cup

Layer 1 – groundbiscuits

Layer 2 – hung curd & banana mash mixture

Layer 3 – strawberries

Layer 4 – strawberry slices topped with chopped almonds and a small squeeze of honey

This is no bear’s breakfast, but what to do? Bear’s on a diet.


4 thoughts on “Not a bear’s breakfast

  1. Well, I love myself some cereal… and the beautiful layered one you have conjured up here is right up my alley 🙂 So I dunno about you, but I’m sure gonna give this a try. Another regular snack i make – sliced strawberries with apples or grapes, topped with whisked curd, a pinch of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. best evening snack or post-lunch dessert ever!

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