Grain & Bagel

Dexter’s Lab *

Hearty breakfasts are the ultimate comfort food: syrup covered pancakes, perfectly scrambled eggs, crisp hash browns, french toast and cream cheese topped bagels. These make the kind of meal one dreams of waking up to. I find it quite odd that Bombay has only a handful of restaurants and cafes that open early and serve breakfast. Grain & Bagel does.

I woke up early last Saturday and headed over to satisfy a craving. The meal got off to a great start. We were welcomed by smiling faces and an open spacious dining area flanked by a huge black board with a handwritten menu. After a fair bit of deliberation orders were placed. First to arrive: soft doughy bagels with a barely there layer of cream cheese. Disappointing, for a place that’s named after bagel. It lacked the pre-requisite crunchy exterior. This was just a bun with a hole. Needless to say the bagel sandwiches too were disappointing.

Anyway, the eggs and pancakes made up for the blotched bagel. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say those were the best buttermilk pancakes I’ve ever had. I assumed all the other pancakes would be just as good. Boy was I wrong! We ordered the peanut-butter pancakes topped with apple syrup. The pancake itself was no different from the buttermilk one. There were no tangible traces of peanut butter. And the apple syrup was a ghastly looking green liquid that looked like it should be used to color a cheap birthday cake. It tasted synthetic and smelt positively sickening. The minute I poured some on the pancake the table was enveloped in a brain tingling green apple smell. It was like being in Dexter’s lab. All that was missing was the green fumes.

Yet another treat from the lab was a Raspberry Mango smoothie. Am I wrong to expect a breakfast joint to use fresh fruit? I thought synthetic fruit flavoured syrups were reserved for street side stalls and McDonalds. Had I skipped the apple-syrup and smoothie, I may have returned. But I’m pretty certain those outlandish pink and green syrups aren’t something I will ever want to subject my senses to.

It’s a shame really. Still looking for the perfect breakfast.

Location: Behind Infiniti Mall Malad.

Damages 300-400Rs per head for Breakfast




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