The Apron and The Arm #3

Ginger Fish in the steamer

I had a packet of Thai Red Curry paste lying around and first planned to make a simple curry with fish. On seeing my fresh new steamer, I changed my mind and decided to steam the fish instead. I used the curry paste to flavor some brown rice. Since my morning had begun with a nice workout, I wanted to keep things light and easy on the waistline. The only oil in this dish comes from the 2 tablespoons of curry paste.

It was only after I begun ideating and prepping in the kitchen that I realized I had no banana leaves, butter paper or aluminium foil to steam my fish in. So in the midst of cooking, while my rice was being watched over by my partner, I got on my bike and cycled to the grocery store to get me some foil. My dish was so healthy I actually had to workout just to cook it!

Steamed Ginger Lemon Fish with a Red Thai Brown Rice.


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