The Apron and The Arm #1

 Moving out of my parent’s home started with romantic notions of independence and freedom; the much awaited coming of age and what not. For the first six months everything was like a big adventure, even buying fruits at prices my mother would disapprove of. In the beginning I cooked all meals for me and my always-hungry lover. Slowly, and unfortunately, cooking became a dreaded chore and I succumbed to the luxury of having a cook come in and hastily prepare mindless meals. Just after I grudgingly gave up control of my beloved kitchen and gave in to this new routine, she abandoned me. I’m disgruntled.

But on a brighter note, I am donning my apron once again (not that I really gave it up).  Till my cook returns, which I now hope is not too soon, I have decided to cook interesting and healthy lunches everyday; meals that will take under an hour to cook. My brawny half or ‘The Arm’ will do all the more menial work like handing me a spoon, reaching things I cannot, playing mood dependent music and of course washing dishes. So that it’s a fair exchange he will do so without a shirt. I will provide an edible treat, him a visual one.

This was meal #1 : Tamarind Chicken with a minty Tomato Salad and Spiced Rice.

This month’s BBC Good Food Magazine had a Tamarind Chicken recipe, which I altered slightly. The original was designed to be more of a snack, with chunks of chicken on skewers. I made this into a sweet & sour gravy and served it with rice for a better balance of carbs, roughage  and protein.  Since it was a Sunday, we had my parents over for lunch and shared with them this premier meal.

This collaboration of The Apron and The Arm will be documented one dish at a time in a series of blog posts.


2 thoughts on “The Apron and The Arm #1

  1. I can’t wait to move out with the boyfriend but not sure how the parents would take it. Could you share how you dealt with that part and few tips, please. Would be helpful. Thanks.

    • My parents are luckily very open minded. I suppose the best way is to first get ur boyfriend and parents to hang out and be cool with each other. If they know him well and like him they may not oppose your move as much.

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