Discovering Dimsum

I’ve always appreciated the craft of dimsum making. I love to watch nimble fingers deftly shaping dough into little parcels of love. There’s such finesse and skill involved, yet the concept of dimsum is so simple. If I ever get the chance I would love to study this art from some old wrinkled Chinese man who learnt the art from his father, like his father before him.

Though there was no wrinkled man involved I recently had the lovely opportunity of attending a dimsum making demo and workshop. Rushina (of A Perfect Bite) and Trikaya (Versova, Andheri west) hosted this dimsum making session. Chef Nilesh Vaidya taught a bunch of excited bloggers & food enthusiasts how to make the dimsum pastry, the filling and how to steam dumplings. There was about an hour of kneeding, rolling, stuffing and pinching the bunch of us amateurs made a few odd looking lumps. It was a fun process, and we got a sense of what the dough should feel like and what the dimsum should look like. But to perfect the art, of course one will have to practice.

After our dimsum making session we were fed a lovely meal where we tasted the work of the experts. We had some beautiful Leafy rolls, Chicken dumplings and Vegetable Kothe, enough of each to satisfy my every desire. This was followed by some more of Trikaya’s lovely food. At the end I left with a light smell of dough and sesame oil on my fingers, a smell I deliberately left lingering on for a bit, and of course that happy happy belly. ( And a small little certificate which says I’m a dimsum maker!)

Sketch & Design by Rushina M.G. of A Perfect Bite


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