Burgs ( Waterfield Road, Bandra West )

Notoriously good ***

Bandra’s eatizens probably have it all: pompously posh cafes, casual delis, no-fuss canteens and an unnecessarily large number of frozen yogurt parlors. What was missing, was a dedicated burger joint, a real burger joint. Burgs fills that spot and fills it well. I can see this place being hugely popular if it keeps serving up sumptuous burgers like it did last night.

The menu is nice and concise, just a few burgers, sides and shakes. But look a little closer and you’ll notice that there’s nothing ordinary about the selection. There are some unusual burgers like the Mac’n’Cheese Burger or the Tofu Crunch. They have  a few Indian inspired flavors too, for those who prefer native spices. They offer several chicken variations. But for the true carnivores, Burgs offers Prawn, Lamb and Pork. They have steered clear from meat of the bovine kind, much to my disappointment.

Feeling particularly gluttonous, I ordered the Notorious Pig. When I pulled back the wrapping I was met with a sweet waft. Between two perfect pieces of bun, lay a generous filling of juicy pulled pork and caramelized onions. The burger to filling ratio is near perfect and the gravy keeps the bun from ever feeling dry. The pork is very evidently Asian Inspired; reminiscent of sweet Chinese barbecued ribs. Though completely atypical, this piggy delight is sure to please.

My burger was accompanied by an Ice Burg, a lemon slushy, which was perfect in the heat and the tanginess offset the greasy burger. I would say my apetite is pretty average, and I was completely full with one burger, a few fries and a drink. (Even though I came fresh off a 2hr workout). So my advice to you, wear stretchy pants and go on an empty stomach to really do justice to Burgs !

Damages : Average meal 300-500Rs.



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