I absolutely love my neighbourhood. It’s laid back and cut off from the bombay buzz. It has a couple of parks, an all day chaiwala, one well stocked grocer and even the trusty istriwala that makes sure everyone goes to work with a crisp crease-free shirt. There was one thing missing, a homely corner Cafe. And we just got one ! I might now never leave this one kilometer radius.

Leaping Windows, is a comic book library with a small charming cafe. We’d been watching the place come together, and jumped right in the minute they opened their doors. The place officially opens tomorrow, but a few friends’n’family had gathered today to taste the offerings and chit-chat over a cup of coffee. The atmosphere was cheerful and celebratory, and I was certainly glad I went and dug in ! If the Spooky Cookies don’t make you go weak at the knees, then you need some serious help. The cupcakes were not the best in the world, but they had a warm home-made feel that reminded me of birthday-parties. The sandwiches are simple and wholesome just as sandwiches should be. No unnecessarily fancy bread or over powering sauces, just good ol’ lunch box sandwiches.

While I ate, my boyish better half was entranced by the comic book collection: some vintage, some fresh from the press and some hand-me-down. There’s a little something for every book worm, even if you aren’t strictly a comic book junkie.

Cupcakes, Coffee, Comic books and (drumroll) a wi-fi connection. Really, I couldn’t ask for more !


For the full album of images follow the link :


3 thoughts on “Coffee.Cupcakes.Comicbooks.

  1. This looks like a nice place! Which part of Bombay do you live in…the way you describe your neighbourhood reminds me of the quaint ones we read in books 🙂

    Seriously though, where is this Cafe? Would like to try it out.

    • Haha! I’m speaking off Yari road, and in the inner lanes it really feels like a small town. The cafe opens tomo, and it is opposite a very large building complex called Bianca…..

  2. This seems like a nice place! And the way you describe your neighbourhood reminds me of the quaint ones we read in books 🙂

    Where exactly is this Cafe? Would like to try it out. They seem to have hit the right notes though. Wifi, books and simple treats.

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