Sernyaa ( Oshiwara, Andheri West )

Meaty mouthfuls ***

In the sea of cheap Chinese joints that dot the Oshiwara landscape, one may easily miss this tiny Tibetan treasure. Had it not been for some recent twitter buzz about Sernyaa, I may have never ventured there. (thank god for tweeple!)  What I discovered was a low lit, little hole with a lot of soul and an underground appeal. It was packed, I had to wait for a table. Every one waiting had a knowing air;  like they were all a part of a secret that I had only just been let in on.

Luckily I was famished, so my appetite that day allowed me to really indulge. The pork momos were gorgeous, and a great start to the meal. The accompanying sauces perfectly complemented the dumplings. Based on many a recommendation, we had the Pork spare ribs and Tibetan chicken sausages. Both gloriously meaty mouthfuls. The tender peppery meat on the ribs, fell right off the bone. The sausages were spicy and with perfectly crisp outsides. I didn’t mind that they were made with chicken, as opposed to the more traditional pork variety.

The main course is not worth a mention. The dishes are essentially Indian Chinese-ish with tongue twisting Tibetan names. Next time I visit I will definitely stick to the starter selection, and if the weather permits try the soups. I highly recommend Sernyaa to all meat lovers; I was too distracted by the pork and lamb to try any of the vegetarian food. Don’t judge me; it was melt-away meat that fell right about the bone. I would unabashedly and unapologetically eat all that meat again.

Damages – Rs. 250-300 / head. (They do not serve any desert and only packaged sodas )

Location – Link Road Oshiwara, soon after the HP Petrol pump


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