Theobroma (Bandra west)


Dear god ! **

This place comes with a very weighted tag line; “food of the gods”. For the most part, in decadence, the food lives up to it’s name. For years the original branch on Colaba causway, served mouth-watering and waistline-expanding sweet treats to those who dared indulge. It is a delightful little café. Naturally the suburbs celebrated when Theobroma came to bandra. This review strictly speaks of this suburban, and subordinate branch.

The christmas decorations, cool evening weather and a tiring shopping spree promted me to walk into Theobroma. I walked in feeling festive, and almost certain I would get my promised divine meal. Unfortunately Theobroma, turned off the christmas fairy lights that had lit up my day and joyous carolers suddenly went mute.

A rather ramshackle looking attempt at a ginger-bread house stood at the entrance. It looked more like an ode to the adams family. Post a little hustling we found a table for two, that had just one chair. After making puppy eyes at a fellow-diners, I was offered a spare chair. We were met my a bumbling waiter who was misinformed and didn’t quite know the menu. When I went to speak to the manager, he too bumbled, much like the waiter before him. Disgruntled, I started to see a trend.

Finally the order had been placed; a Tuscany sandwich, 2 cups of coffee and a Lemon mountain cake. Our bumbling waiter brought the cake first, so I was forced to sit there salivating and staring at a cake I wouldn’t eat; desert comes after, no? The coffees arrived 10 agonizing minutes after followed by a soggy excuse for a sandwich. I asked for an extra plate, and was offered one with stains of a previously eaten cake. It clearly had not been washed, perhaps hurriedly wiped by the aforementioned bumbling waiter and thrown before me. Oh the horror !

The lemon mountain cake was pretty good, and it’s tangy sweetness and moist insides probably stopped that festive tantrum that I was on the verge of throwing. I suppose the blog-o-sphere allows me to throw a tantrum that has more reach.


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