Ming Yang ( Taj Land’s End, Bandra)

The Bitter Sweet End ***

I wouldn’t have known about or visited this restaurant, had it not been for an old school friend’s birthday dinner. It was a mini reunion of sorts. So the food should not have mattered, but of course, it did.

I entered the richly decorated dining area with high expectations. The place reeked of old school opulence, from the faux-gold accented furniture to the concierge who greeted us with proper colonial etiquette. Classic? Or stuffy? The décor sat on the thin line between the two.

As we were ravenous, we got right to it with Mushroom dumplings and Pork Buns, both were exquisite. The soups were nothing spectacular, nothing memorable. I must mention here that the timing of the service was spot on. Once we finished entrées, and were ready for our next course, we were served the Five Spice Pork, Burnt Garlic rice, and Hoofan Chicken noodles. The pork was tender, and was complemented perfectly by the rice. The noodles may have been the best flat noodles I’ve had; could’ve kept eating those.

I really wish I had ended meal here, because what followed was nothing short of disastrous. It was like following good sex with that ill-timed smelly fart. The pastry chef I think was hired straight from the renowned kitchens of Shiv Sagar ( no disrespect to Shiv Sagar ). The batter on the Fried Ice-cream was thick and oily, the Custard filled Spring Rolls were dense and the Date Pancakes were chewy. All the deserts left an oily aftertaste, reminiscent of cheap malpua. Even visually, there was nothing appetizing about them. Thank god my fortune cookies came with very pleasant predictions, at least the meal ultimately ended on a sweet note.

Fortune #1 – “Your lover will never wish to leave you” (phew!)

Fotrune #2 – “If you want good advice, ask your mother” (duh! mommy’s always right)

Damages : about 1,000 per head without drinks


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