Red Box Café (Turner Road, Bandra)

Overdone, Overcooked, overpriced.  **

Much like all it’s other sister concerns like Caravan Serai, Global fusion, Hometown Café etc owned by the China Gate Group, Red Box café too has been around for a while and seems to be doing fairly well. The thing about all the restaurants, is that they are all “theme” restaurants, each caricaturish and catering to a very specific part of the populous. A great business plan undoubtedly, but I feel everything about them, and Red Box in particular is a bit overdone.Red Box interprets its name a little too literally in terms of the décor; you actually feel like you are sitting in a red box. Need they have been so literal? Besides the jarring red color, the music at Red Box was way too invasive; its impossible to talk. The DJ though skilled, looked out of place in a restaurant without a dance floor.The discord pervades into the menu as well. The food is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We ordered a vermicelli chicken with garlic mayo to start. The portion was fairly large, and the plate of food was well presented. The chicken however was dry and over cooked. What saved the dish and made it a little interesting was the vermicelli crust.For mains we ordered a Classic Toulouse Chicken and some Grilled Kingfish, both served with sides of stir fried veggies, potato chips and herbed rice. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the mains arrived, and really breathed a sigh of relief when the food arrived in sparkling white plates; I was half expecting red ones. Again, the food looked impeccable, the veggies looked crisp and had been sautéed so as to bring out their vibrant colors. The rice glistened like the plate, and the fries were just the right amount. But the appeal ended at the visuals. Sadly both the fish and chicken was over cooked, and neither blew me away flavor wise either. The veggies and fries were almost perfect, but they are after all sides.

Overdone décor, over-cooked meat and most definitely overpriced.

Even with the courteous staff and quick service I wouldn’t revisit, especially at those rates. The best way to make it worth your while to visit would be to go now when a 30% discount is available (opening offer)

Damages would’ve been about 1200 for 2 without drinks, without the discount.

(thank you for sending me to review red box café) 


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