Roll it up ***

It’s amazing how many small little snack joints are packed into that one little pavement leading to carter. The diversity offered in terms of food, reflects the  eclectic bunch of people likely to wander in this area. It’s one of those local hotspots where you’ll find an endless parade of dressed-up-dames all but stepping out for an evening stroll and one too many brattish bad boys racing their old man’s big car. You’ll spot the occasional dreadlocks sporting not-bathed-in-a-week sort walking into a tattoo parlor or maybe even some well preserved 40years young auntijis in taut workout gear. There’s room for everyone !
Wedged in a small space between MOD and a boutique, is Maroosh. Nothing makes it particularly stand out, except for maybe the extremely tempting shawarma station, that emits some very drool worthy smells. The place is a Lebanese / Mughlai joint that serves the usual biryanis, gravys etc. but the menu strongly favors wraps and rolls; there is really is a lot to choose from.
I sampled the Chicken Kaali Miri roll and the Chicken Kheema roll. They were served piping hot and with a great green chutney. These extremely hearty rolls are generously filled with meat and in some cases vegetables. The proportion of meat to roti was perfect. I enjoyed every succulent spicy bite, and will definitely go back to eat some more.

A meal for two should cost between 300 – 500 rs.

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