jolly good fella ***

I’m the kind that likes the corner bookstore with a friendly bespectacled owner who’s always up for a chat, as opposed to the Landmark / Crossword variety, where books are tracked by a computer. (The kind often touted ‘romantic’ )  Much the same vein I’m drawn to cafes with soul where every cup of coffee does not have the same sort of factory made uniformity. Lucky for me, Mumbai has an increasing population of these sort of joints, tucked away in easy-to-miss corners of the city. Fella’s is one such. I must admit, my first visit was prompted by a very prominent sign outside which reads ‘Valet Parking’, a real treat in Khar/Bandra’s always packed by-lanes.

This first visit however, was followed by several more. Built in the garage space of a building, Fella’s offers juices, smoothies, wraps, sandwiches and pizzas. It seems to have it’s patrons ; always a few hanging around reading or working at their computers ( they have wi-fi ). On any odd day you are likely to have their two resident pet pooches for company: a rottweiler and a bull-mastiff, who hang out on the periphery nonchalantly. The staff is polite and enthusiastic, service is quick.

What I particularly like about the place is that they make fresh juices & smoothies ( not with canned fruit or poured straight out of tetra-packs ). Their coffee is not remarkable. The sandwiches and wraps are wholesome; and make a good snack. I like the Chicken Cilantro Wrap. The whole grain pizzas are fairly enjoyable, though the topping choices are limited and the crust is always a little on the burnt side. They do serve main course dishes , but I’ve only ever visited the place for a snack.  If what I’ve had so far is any indication, I don’t think you will be disappointed. All in all, it’s definitely a nice place to meet-n-greet or maybe just spend some alone time.

Location – 14th Road Khar West.

Damages – Rs. 200 – 300 / head


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