Oxymoron **

After being prompted by several mentions in the social media, I decided to brave the Saturday evening traffic and made my way through the maze that is Pali Naka to eat at Gostana. There had been many-a-mention of Gostana’s burgers, which as I understood were supposed to tickle the taste buds while being kind to the waistline. I must mention though, that ‘healthy burger’ in many ways sounded to me like ‘vegetarian omlette’ or ‘chicken steak’ ; an oxymoron. Let’s get one thing straight, it’s not an omlette if I has no egg and it’s not a steak if it doesn’t come from something bovine. However,  as I’m always on the look out for guilt free food, I cautiously, yet curiously went to Gostana.

We ordered 2 burgers and some beverages among 3 of us. The two burgers of choice being the Ginger Chicken burger (multigrain bread) and the Gostana Chicken burger (whole wheat bread). I was charmed by the coziness of the place, the personal touches and very polite waitresses. However, the food didn’t live up to the buzz. The patties in both were dry and under seasoned. The sauces were very strong and overshadowed the meat. I was surprised by the lack of add-ons in the burger. I was expecting some fresh cut vegetables, lettuce, herbs etc. which I believe would  more aptly support healthy claims.

I can eat healthy yet bland food anytime, anywhere. I was hoping Gostana would give me more. I think for now I will return to my original belief system, which vehemently advocates that ‘healthy burger’ is indeed an oxymoron. I’d rather eat a lips-smacking, blasphemously indulgent burger and run around to battle the bulge. Moral of the story: want a healthy snack – make a salad.


4 thoughts on “Gostana

    • Haha ! I strongly believe that certain things need to be kept light and healthy. But I feel it’s foolish to make a ‘fat free’ pizza or a ‘low calorie cake’….. Eat a cake when you can enjoy all of it, the calories, the fat, the chocolate, the cream. or else seriously stick to a salad, as you said, with a non fatty dressing.

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