Eat Around the Corner

Nip-n-tuck(in) ***

Bombay’s restaurants much like it’s population are in perpetual state of flux. Restaurants get bought over, renamed, revamped and made-over to whet Bombay’s unending appetite for the ‘new and improved’. The case in point, the swanky white washed ‘Eat around the Corner’ that used to be ‘Just around the corner’. The name is definitely a downgrade, but the place has received some much needed nips-n-tucks which makes it once again youthful and perky.

There are certain nice touches to the eating experience, the service is quick, the salad bar has a fair variety and it is one of the only joints that has a much needed community table. (Which by the way is made from beautiful rough cut solid wood, very stylish ) The place wins points for having some great burgers and sandwiches, and a variety of bread options.

You will not be able to resist the desserts. They are strategically laid out right near the cashier’s end of the bar. All mouth-watering and decadent looking, they will call out to you. You would be foolish to resist. I’ve tried the Fruit tart, the Orange Yogurt, the New York Cheesecake, the Baked Lemon Cheesecake, the Blueberry&Chocolate Mousse, and the Chocolate Danish. Visit the place enough times to try out all. I’m about half way there. They’re good enough to feel no guilt, although a workout after always eases the conscience.

In all honesty, the place does feel a little bit over priced, and the pizzas were surprisingly bad. A place that offers such nice sandwiches and deserts must work on their coffees, which are pretty sub-standard. However, you can always wash the coffee down with dessert.

Location – Junction of 24th and 30th Road, Bandra West


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