Bistro Grill

Limp *

After much deliberation about where to feast this Sunday afternoon, I chose Arthur’s theme. Tragically I reached the location only to find out that it had been shut down permanently. My much anticipated journey into Arthur’s tale was cut short. I frantically asked friends for suggestions, and was met by many suggestions. However, I ignored advice to visit Mangi Ferra and Silver beach Cafe, and chose instead to visit Bistro Grill, a place I had passed several times. I should’ve followed the advice I received. What can I say, curiosity kills the cat !

To start with, the restaurant’s name is misleading. Bistro grill is an Arabic restaurant, that claims to serve a middle eastern buffet. It sounds tempting; a pint of beer and an meal for rs.399. But don’t be fooled, you will be offered Oriental salad, Cold slaw, Pasta and mini pizzas, all in the name of  Arabic food. Much of the food was cold and things that should have been crisp were limp.

What was worse, was the ambiance. A very sad looking crooner sat in the corner belting out romantic songs. He was in tune and melodious, but far too loud and intrusive. The crowd that Bistro Grill attracts is much like it’s food; limp. My fellow dinners, like me seemed to have settled for this place out of either ignorance or convenience. I noticed no passionate patrons or enthusiastic eaters.

Avoid this place, unless you have a budget and want to eat large quantities, drink beer, and are not really in the mood for a refined experience. I suppose I am being harsh on the place, I’ve heard ordering off the menu is less disappointing.

Damages – Sunday buffet for Rs.399 + taxes

Location – near chowpatty, Juhu Tara Road


4 thoughts on “Bistro Grill

  1. I am guilty of having mentioned the place. But I have never been there myself. Have heard good things from other sources and I am also a connoisseur of mid-eastern food. So I was excited and wanted to read her review as well… *wink*

  2. Okay I LOVE this place and the food is great (I lived in the Mid east, and the buffet covered pretty authentically the dishes I’ve eaten). And I like the crooner on the side who was in no way intrusive. Maybe it was just a bad day.

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