Indigo Cafe

The bumpy road bears much fruit *****

Among Mumbai’s many fashion forward restaurants, Indigo stands proud as one of the only truly stylish ones. Let me elaborate. Think of restaurants as women. Most will enamor you with a wonderful exterior, intoxicating perfume, a well staged pout and a very expensive push-up bra. But wake up the morning after, next to this poised princess and you might be shocked by the horrors an early morning reveals. However every once in a while you’ll find a woman who needs no air brushing and can tickle your pickle while lazing on the couch with an old pair of sweatpants. Indigo’s charm is much like this woman I speak of; simple, understated, honest and bloody delicious.

To me the visual experience of dining is just as important, so I’ll start with the decor. The place is designed to make the best use of natural light in the day, and makes everyone look radiant. The wooden furniture is elegant and simplistic. Three beautiful vintage teapots that adorn the walls caught my fancy; if these are ever stolen, please send the cops straight to my house.

Now coming to the most important aspect of dining, the food itself. To start with; the drinks. Being a dry day, we didn’t really get a taste if the bartenders skill. But if the mock-tails were any indication, the drinks will be very good. We started with chicken wings with a blue cheese dip. What first struck me was the generous portion. And thank god for the quantity, because the four of us almost fought for the wings; they were that good. The quarter pound steak was seasoned to perfection and tender as desired. We had the pan fried halibut, another very well rounded dish. The desserts were good, but next time I’m sure I’ll pass on the desert to squeeze in another one of the entrees.

The journey to Indigo might lead you through a bad potholed road, but like life’s many treasures, the fruit borne at the end is worth every bump.

Location: Near Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri West.

Damages : Rs.600-800 per head without drinks.


3 thoughts on “Indigo Cafe

  1. >Most will enamor you with a wonderful exterior, intoxicating perfume, a well staged pout and a very expensive push-up bra.
    – Well, some of us lesser beings need a bit of, uh, assistance. 😉

    Your posts are funny and filling.

    • Thank you Kate ! Nothing wrong with a little help. Although it’s entirely amusing when there is some very evident defying of gravity going on. Whatever happened to subtlely. haha. I’m sure you witnessed a fare share of those. Thanks alot for reading. I hope I can introduce you to some places you haven’t been to and provide you with a couple of more laughs. Much love.

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