Dimsum and more

Gimme more***

The word Dimsum means “to touch the heart” and they certainly touch mine. There is something delicate and yet very wholesome about a dumpling. The outer pastry needs to be crafted with much finesse. Knowing that someone’s skillfully nimble fingers crafted my food, makes eating that much more pleasurable. A pleasure that can never be found in canned beans or a packet of chips. My stomach seems to smile every time I eat dumplings.

Now coming to the restaurant: with a name that announced it’s intentions of touching my heart I was compelled to visit. Spoiled for choice I ordered Lamb momos and chicken pao to begin, and my love affair with this place began ever since. Besides just dimsum, the place does offer a fair selection of main course gravy dishes and rice/noodles. But what you must try are they plain steamed or garlic buns which can be eaten with any of the Chinese gravy dishes. I haven’t seen or tasted this sort of a bread anywhere else. I did not know the Chinese eat bread and gravy, but authenticity is hardly an issue when something tastes so good.

Since we’re on the subject of hearts being touched, nothing does it like a sweet ending: close your eyes and imagine this steamed dumplings stuffed with honey and coconut. They don’t just touch my heart, they grope and fondle it,  taking me to a place where the clouds are shaped like dumplings and it rains honey.

Snapping back to reality, a comfortable meal form 2 should cost between 500 to 700 rs. ( Located on JP road, Versova )  ph : 02226373057


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