Hippies use the side door ***

For the most part I like my meals to be light enough for me to do cartwheels an hour post. However there are always those few days in a month when I crave indulgence. In such cases, I channel Garfield, wear clothes that won’t reveal a spilling gut and head out to TGIF. (go ahead, judge me)

Now let me state here that I am not a fan of the American consumerist way of excessive eating. So I was reluctant to eat at this very evidently all American restaurant. But when I sunk my teeth and wrapped my lips around their spicy-tangy-perfectly seasoned chicken wings for the very first time, I was sold. They make some finger lickin’ good fried sesame chicken strips, with an absolutely decadent sweet dipping sauce. (I think it’s time for those lose sweat pants again)

Needless to say I have been to TGIF a couple of more times after the first visit, and have almost never been disappointed. I would warn you against eating their Italian fare. But that’s common logic. I would never order a Pizza at Shiv Sagar, so also, when at TGIF eat only dishes you think an obese American would.  Although, for a place that is “all American ” one would expect better spare ribs.

The place is slightly over priced. But, they have great lunch specials. A 2 course meal for Rs. 299 and a 3 course meal for Rs.399. Though the options are not as wide as when you order à la carte, whatever they do offer is very well made and absolutely worth it. Otherwise a meal should cost about Rs.500-800 a head.


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