Goa Bhavan

Sol Kadi for the Goan Soul *****

Now you must know this about Goans, no matter where in the world a Goan goes, fish-curry-rice for lunch is a must. This meal must be followed by a siesta. I advocate this lifestyle and strongly believes it leads to a happier disposition and a more relaxed state of mind. Move over Deepak Chopra, us Goans have the path to a positive, happy, stress-free life figured out.

So, when Goan government officials need to come to Mumbai on work, they face a dilemma. “Will I get my fish curry rice ?” Goa Bhavan solves this dilemma. It is the canteen in the Goa government guest house, where on any odd day you can hear loud Konkani and the sizzle of fish being fried. Always eat their thali, the meal consists of rice, fish curry, salad, a vegetable and fried fish. If you have a doubt about what fish to eat, just ask the kaka (uncle) there what’s fresh. The fish is always perfectly cooked and the curry is so good that you’ll be drinking it by the bowl. For those who don’t like fish, (what are you doing here?) they serve a great chicken thali as well, made with free range chicken, not the usual broiler. The chicken is worth a try, although personally I would never pass off the fish to eat chicken.

And lastly, a warning, post this lunch if you head back to work you will sleep at your desk and drool on your paper work. The food will make you submit to sweet slumber, as all lunches should.

Location : Next to Fab India, Gulmohor Road, Juhu

Damages : about rs150 / head


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