Deeba’s Food Point

Like a loud loving auntiji ****

Deeba’s food point is like a college mess, run by a hormonal yet loving fat Lukhnowi auntyji. This ‘restaurant’ is along the footpath of J.P Road, Versova and can be recognized by a easily lost flex banner that bears it’s name. Don’t bother reading the menu, because what is available on the day entirely depends on the owner’s wife who cooks all morning and sends food in aluminum tiffins to the joint. What she cooks is then heated up and presented to customers. It is best to have a chicken thali (rs.75) which consists of rice, dal, chicken, rotis and vegetable. The portions are enough to feed a big punjabi man, so always go on an empty stomach. The food is great and you’ll be left licking your fingers. The Mutton Biryani is light and flavourful, although for spice lovers it might be a bit bland. Even if you over order and stuff yourself like a woman pregnant with triplets, you will still spend under Rs.150/head. Another plus is that they have a little ice-cream cart. So a spicy meal can be followed by some mango-dolly. Now, what more could one ask for ?

But beware, when I said hormonal I really meant it. Some days the place is just shut for no rhyme or reason, perhaps the auntyji had an argument with her neighbor or decided she needed to give one of her truant children a beating. Perhaps she went to get henna put in her hair. Whatever the reason, there will be no forewarning or note of the door. You’ll just find the place empty. In which case you’ll have to settle for Subway across the street, which will never satisfy a palate that came craving for some mutton nihari.

Location : Opp Subway, JP Road, Versova  ( The deliver and take large by-the-kilo orders)

Ph : 9819023889


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