Global Fusion

Just Once ! ***

Firstly, let me start with a mention of the entirely misleading name. There is nothing ‘global’ about this place or the food it serves. It is an Asian food restaurant that serves Chinese inspired appetizers, Japanese inspired sushi and Thai/Chinese inspired main course. It’s one of those confusing places, that you like at the first visit and them kind of begin to rethink.

The first time I went I was sold. I paid a fixed price. I had all this great looking food presented to me. I was given an empty plate and told “eat all you want”. Tempting ? Of course. I enjoyed the sushi and ate more dimsum than I could count. I moved on to their huge selection of desert: cookies, icecreams, pastries etc. I went home full and satiated, almost certain I would come back again.

And I did, but on every repeat visit, I began to notice the flaws. The menu almost never changes. It’s been 2 and a half years, and everything on the menu is the same. A lot of the meats are not well cooked, especially lamb / mutton dishes. Many of their sushi items have canned tuna, and one has chicken and mayo. Now I’m sure the Japs would frown upon that. I must also mention, that the place is favourite for Kitty-parties and Reunions, so beware of loud noisy groups of cackling aunties. You are almost certain to have a bunch at a table near you.

The buffet is worth it only on a weekday afternoon, when it’s at it’s cheapest. It increases for dinner, weekend dinner’s being the most expensive at about 1,000rs per head. It’s worth a one time visit at Rs.650. Go with time on hand and some entertaining company, because the food alone isn’t going to keep you interested.


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