Urban Tadka

Dhinchak Desi ***

I’m not a fan of the loud decor, noisy ambiance, closely packed tables, and ridiculous colorful bhangra jackets the waiters wear. But after one GannaSingh ( white rum + sugar cane juice ), I’d wear the damn shiny jackets myself and dance to ‘Oye lucky, lucky oye’.

Whenever I come here, I am lured into eating like a well fed Punjabi dame who has worked whole day in the field milking cows and beating truant children, and must now relax and indulge in some hearty hogging and gluttonous glugging

I begin with some sort of Kababs, I have eaten almost all, none have disspointed. My favourite starter being Lemon Chicken. I never miss the paya soup, which is thick and spicy. I almost invariably move on to Makke ki roti and Sarso ka Saag, with indulgent quantities of hand churned makhan. They make a hearty Maa ki Daal and Murg Kaali Miri. I invariably top this all off with Jalebi-Rabdi, which I shameless do not share with anyone, and eat till I cant move. After I’m done I need to burp a few times to help myself stand.

Following this absolute ludicrous abuse of my humble digestive system, I move on to pleasant slumber, and wake up weighed down by the guilt of indulgence and the always condemned bulge in my belly . And yet I go again ….. and again….. and again.

Damages: Without drink should be 3-4hundred per head.


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