Far East

That Illusive Duck ***

It isn’t often that I find myself in the suburb of Powai. The intention was to go to Out of the Blue, a branch of the old bandra favorite. However, a sudden craving for Asian food meant that our party of 4 had to find an alternative, and we did, in the same mall complex as the afore mentioned. Far east is a oddly designed restaurant that looks like a place frequented by boring business men in ill-fitting suits. I almost walked out when I happened to notice  Beijing duck on the menu.A slave to the fond memories of delicious duck I had eaten in Beijing; I had to walk in.

Much to my disappointment, they did not have duck that day. Reason, no one orders it so they don’t stock it.  How heartless to have seduced me with the promise of duck, only to present other meats that would only pale in comparison to the undoubted King of the feathered kind. I grudgingly went through the menu and our choices were made.

We had Pork stuffed buns and Pork&veg dumplings to start. They were very authentic tasting and took me back to backpacking in China. Then we moved onto steamed rice with Massaman curry, which was mild yet flavorful. We followed this by a pork tenderloin dish called Bulkogi with fried rice; sweet & savory, perfectly balanced. There was a long list of delicious sounding deserts, but nothing worth a mention. The most interesting sounding ones, were again out of stock.

All in all, we had a flavorful pleasant meal and were served by a charming young waiter.
This restaurant is good, but won’t compel me to drive this Far east for a meal.

Damages : 2000rs for 2 starters, 2 curry dishes & rice, Chinese tea & 2 deserts. ( 4 people)


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