Yellow Tree Cafe

Anticlimax **

After a multitude of recommendations had come pouring in, a friend , a lover and myself proceeded to see what the fuss was about. Crowds outside a restaurant are a good sign, in as much as they build anticipation of a good meal. In the twenty minutes we were waiting we poured over the menu, soaked in the pleasant ambience and were chatted up by a very courteous consierge.

The kiwi virgin margarita and a spicy guave mocktail. The drinks were good, so the meal started off well and the mood was set.
Then things began to fall apart. Our starter,  curly fries, arrived after the main course was over.What’s more ? They forgot the accompanying sauces. The pasta, which we specifically requested should have mushrooms, came with everything but mushrooms. The gnocchi in pesto sauce was delicious, but the portion was so small that even my 80yr old aunt with an appetite of a bird would have been left hungry. The steak was good, but again, too small.

We ended up speanding almost 800Rs per head, for a drink and one dish each. The money was not an issue, I’ll pay for a good meal. But what Yellow Tree Cafe should be ashamed of is that we left hungry and grumpy, and will definitely never go back again.  It’s a pity, because it’s a cute place with no substance. Sometimes, the wrapping is indeed the most glorious part of the present.


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