Sammy Sosa

Mucho Gusto *****

(Cut to a hot humid summer night in Mexico) A wounded damsel walked into Sammy Sosa’s, esta uma dia caliente. Her finger was bleeding, as it had been savagely cut by an unasuming cactus. My lover could do nothing to stop the bleeding, and then arriba ! arriba ! , I was resqued by a young chico who from out of nowhere recognized by plight and offered me a humble band-aid.

Never before in Mumbai have I come across such a polite and considerate staff. When I entered with a small nip on my finger I was offered a band aid immediately, without having to ask for help. Gracias senor !

Once my tragic injuries were taken care of, we proceeded to spice things up with lamb quesedillas and a huge chicken salad. This we followed by ‘TexiMexi’, a lamb gravy with herbed rice. The meat was melt-in-the-mouth tender, and the the spicy rice complemented the gravy perfectly. The portions are very generous. We felt like a hearty Mexican couple eating a hearty meal after a day at the farm.

On following visits, I fell in love with their Tower of Aubergine and I never miss the Grandma’s Lasagna with minced lamb. It’s like love in a bowl. Besides, I’ve never visited a restaurant in Bombay with such an excellent selection of beers. You’ll find something for your every mood and fancy.

Damages : A meal for two with beer should work out to around Rs.1500


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