A Mild Flirtation ***

On one Saturday evening, I ventured out on a date expecting crowds and ques.  But much to our delight we were greeted by a solitary sullen Frangipani tree. The overall color pallate of the place is extremely mellow, beiges n browns, entirely soothing. But an observation of closer details lead to the discovery of some garrish chandeliers and fake-gem-studded wall flowers. Anyway I vowed not to judge and looked away. The menu arrived and was surprisingly shabby for an otherwise nice looking place. Yet again, I let is pass and chose to be lazily laid back like the frangipani tree.

We decided to keep the meal light and easy, as all lovers must do in such coy escapades. We started with a miso soup with tofu and sea weed. Delightfully subtle and silken. (Rs. 110). We moved on to Minced chiken and bird Chilly dimsum. The pastry outdid the filling, but made a mushy mouthful. (Rs.250 for 8 peices). Lastly steamed rice (Rs.100) with Balanese style Soya chicken and cononut cream. (Rs. 250) sadly, undersalted and lacking zing, yet comfortingly creamy.

Overall I had a very soothing meal, nothin excited my palate. The food just mildly flirted with me, I wasn’t seduced into passionate submission. Luckily I went with a lover, so he made up for the lack of zing.


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