Cafe Universal

We go to eat, not to seat *

I’d heard much praise for this alleged gem of south Bombay, so I ventured to Cafe Universal on a not-so-ordinary day. It was my birthday and I was almost certain I’d have a good meal at this joint. But my lunch was so tragically bad, that I had to go out for dinner the same day to restore my faith in good food.

The ‘grilled’ chicken looked like it had been deep fried in my month’s quota of oil. The gravy that accompanied it looked like the creation of an angry chef in a dirty college mess. The fries actually dripped oil when they slimily made their way onto my fork. The steak that a friend ordered was burnt black and had enough onion rings thrown on top to feed the entire Brady bunch.  And whadd’ya know, the steak and chicken tasted the same.

So the place is cute, has lovely tables and old Irani artifacts that give it much visual character. But let’s face it, we came to eat.

Avoid this place, and if you must eat at a similar place within the same price range, try Churchill on Colaba Causway. Will be worth the cab ride from Universal.


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