Mia Cucina

Bene diminuisce ( Bon apetit ) *****

I first stepped into the pint size bandra brand of this restaurant on the 14th of February 2009. Yes you may take a moment to laugh at the cheeziness of a Valentine’s day date.  But since the first bite of their absolutely perfectly dressed, fig and feta salad, I was in love. Since then I’ve made it a point to orchestrate several family dinners, work lunches, girls’ nights out, dates and reunions, such that they happen in this restaurant.

They make a sangria that hits the spot every time and will brighten your gloomiest day. I’ve already mentioned the Fig & Feta salad, but I can’t pick a favorite between the latter and the Gorgonzola salad.  The Choriza pizza is pleasantly light considering pork is it’s main protein. If you want a good ol’ steak, Mia cucina will give you one, perfectly chargrilled with mushrooms and potatoes. Their meat is always fresh, and I can always have it medium rare, without worrying about my belly.

I’ve visited this place at least 15 times, not once have I been disappointed.

There is a branch at Versova as well.  They are great with home deliveries as well.

The damages : Without alchohol a hearty meal for 2 should cost about 1200-1400Rs.

Numbers : Bandra ( 67104000 ) Versova (42414000)





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