5 the Restaurant

Peachy Pleasant Pleasure ****

I would not recommend one goes to 5 unless one is in that sort of mushy, lovey-dovey, “butterflies in the belly” kinda mood. Two people in a non romantic relationship, might slowly be seduced into love and desire in this setting: candles, wine and sensuous food, it’s like cupid’s playground. As luck would have it, I went there on a date and needless to say, it ended well.

Avoid the salads, I’ve had better. Move on to Parmesan Gnocchi to whet the palate. The gnocchi are tenderly molded into gooey perfection, and the Parmesan cream sauce was so scrumptious that i felt like licking the bowl.

Moving on to the main course, we had Tenderloin steak, which was medium rare and just right, the mashed potatoes could have been creamier. But that steak was so incredibly good that anything in its company got immediate celebrity status. I have to say that steak is among the best I have eaten ever. (And might I add here that I belong to that category of carnivores that is relentlessly in search of a bloody good steak, pun on the word bloody ) We also had a Wild Mushroom pasta, which had exotic woody tasting mushrooms and was a very good accompaniment for the steak. The dining experience was so good that we had desert at home, that’s always a good sign.

Damages : without alcohol between 1000-1500

Santacruz West, SV Road, 26000367, 66939919


One thought on “5 the Restaurant

  1. I know the feeling of being told that your favorite food on the menu is not available especially after you have gone through the process of first decifering and then deciding on what you want to eat!! Next time i go out to eat i shall first ask “achcha kya hai” like i used to in the good old chilia or Irani restaurants. Maybe in the upmarket ones i will have to first ask “Aaj kya nahi hai woh pahele bolo”.

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